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Calling all nature lovers! Imagine a small but thriving town nestled along the Mississippi River where you can spend your days immersed in the beauty of nature without sacrificing any city convenience. That’s exactly what you’ll find in Carleton Place, the community that lies 46 km west of downtown Ottawa. It’s known for its beautiful paths and the Ottawa Valley Recreational Trail that connects it to the nearby towns of Almonte, Pakenham, Smith Falls, and Mattawa. Carleton Place is home to a half-dozen other hiking destinations, including the Mississippi River Walk, Riverside Trail, and the Sonnenburg Woods.

It’s easy to see why this beautiful town attracts outdoor enthusiasts from all over. Paddling, hiking, snowshoeing, bird-watching, and cycling are just a few activities to bring you back to nature. However, Carleton Place isn’t exactly like living in the country. The town offers every convenience you would find in a city three times the size. Nature isn’t the only reason to love living here, either. Here are some of the factors that help put Carleton Place on the map.

Carleton Place has a Fascinating History and Culture

The community was initially called Morphy’s Falls after one of its founders, Edmund Murphy, built the first mill that became the bedrock of the town’s economy. It was renamed Carleton Place in 1829 after a street in Glasgow, Scotland.

Though the town was founded on the textile and lumber industries, none of the historic mills are still operational today. They’ve been converted into condominiums and high-tech industry offices throughout the city.

Carleton Place has also housed its share of notable residents, including:

  • Roy Brown, the World War 1 veteran who was likely instrumental in defeating the Red Baron.
  • Leslie McFarland, the author of many original Hardy Boys novels.
  • Jill Heinerth, a famous writer, photographer and explorer who has been featured on the National Geographic Channel and has even consulted on several movie and documentary sets.

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A Thriving Career Market

Carleton Place has a robust career and business market, with a higher income than the national average and a 34 percent lower unemployment rate. The manufacturing and technology sectors are booming, providing residents with many high-paying career opportunities.

Local independent businesses are also thriving, especially in the downtown core, which is always bustling with people searching for unique shopping and dining options. If you’ve ever dreamed about becoming an entrepreneur, Carleton Place may just be the perfect spot to set up shop.

Low startup costs, reduced taxes, and wage subsidies all help to support business growth and contribute to a thriving economy.

Things to Do in Carleton Place

You can reach downtown Ottawa in approximately 40 minutes along the Trans-Canada Highway if you need to. This means there’s never a need to miss out on significant events like hockey games or concerts.

However, with so many things to enjoy right in town, you’ll find those trips into the city exceedingly rare.

Here are just a few of the local attractions to experience:

  • The Seven Wonders of Carleton Place, a self-guided tour through landmarks like the Carleton Junction, Town Hall, Hackberry Park, and more.
  • Spend the day exploring the shops and restaurants along the downtown core.
  • Hit up a farmer’s market for fresh fruits, vegetables, locally-produced meat, and artisan cheeses.
  • Rent a bicycle for $5 a day from the Chamber of Commerce. What a great way to explore the beautiful trails and parks of Carleton Place!

Festivals and Events

The exciting events and festivals attract thousands of people to our town every year. A few notable favourites:

Lanark County Harvest Festival: Come and celebrate the fine offerings from local vendors. Food tastings, children’s activities, and live music has helped make this Festival a finalist for the Ontario Culinary Tourism Event of the Year.

Lambs Down Park Festival: Carleton Place has the rare honour of being one of the only towns to host an annual sheep festival. Kick the day off with a pancake breakfast, then head over to the beer tent. Along the way, you’ll find pony rides, sheep shearing demonstrations, live music and local vendors providing an air of festivity.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt: It’s not too late to participate this year! Join in the fun by decorating your yard and doing your part for the scavenger hunt. The event takes place from October 29th to October 30th.

Carleton Place Santa Claus Parade: Santa Claus really is coming to town, to Carleton Place, that is. Be sure to be on your best behaviour, because the event takes place on November 27th at 5 pm. It begins at Bridge Street, moves through the intersection at Lake Avenue, and ends at Lansdowne Avenue. 

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The Fastest-Growing Community in Canada

Carleton Place is not one of the fastest-growing towns in Ontario. It is the fastest-growing town in all of Canada, with a population growth of 3.7%, according to Statistics Canada.

The pandemic helped fuel some of this growth as people moved out of the cities, but that’s not the whole story. Carleton Place has maintained this position for the last four years running.

Most newcomers arrived from elsewhere in Ontario rather than out of country or out of province.

With its beautiful scenery, growing economy, family-friendly atmosphere and vibrant downtown core, it’s not surprising that many people are finding their way to Carleton Place. 

Should you consider making Carleton Place your next stop? We have served the area for over 35 years and are happy to tell you even more about it. Reach out anytime by email or call 613-690-5993.